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What do you feed hedgehogs?

The introduction of the internet in the modern world has granted us access to any amount of advice, guidance and knowledge we could ever hope for and need.

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Swiftly does it!

As we bid farewell to summer, we investigate more about migrating birds who are bidding their own farewell to UK shores this month.

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Fat Balls

Fat and Suet balls are a quick, easy and nutritious feed that are perfect for feeding all year around. They are especially advantageous during the winter months as they are high in calories and energy so are exactly what birds rely on through the colder weather. Their shape, size and softness means that birds can peck at them easily and get that burst of energy they need, quickly and easily. All of our Fat and Suet balls are made from the finest quality ingredients. They are soft, tasty and nutritious and contain absolutely no additives, alternate ingredients or fillers. Fat and Suet balls are easy to feed and effortless to refill. They are best to be fed through specialised Suet or Fat ball feeders and here at Brinvale, we have a great selection.