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Quick Chick Fix!

For most nature lovers, there is nothing more pleasurable that spotting wildlife out and about or viewing it from your window when it visits your garden.

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Quacking ideas for feeding Swans and Ducks!

Think feeding bread is good for Swans and Ducks? Think again! It's a 'web' of lies...

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Suet Candles, Cakes & Coconuts

Suet is an excellent and nutritious food that delivers a quick source of energy needed by wild birds particularly during the winter.

During colder months, birds rely on suet's protein as they are unable to find and feed on insects. Suet also provides birds with a rich source of nutrients and calories required at all stages of their growth. Over 80 species of birds are known to be attracted to suet including; woodpeckers, nuthatches, starlings and jays. In warmer months, be sure to keep suet out of direct sunlight but placed close by in an area of shade. Suet can also be refridgerated during hot periods.