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Quick Chick Fix!

For most nature lovers, there is nothing more pleasurable that spotting wildlife out and about or viewing it from your window when it visits your garden.

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Quacking ideas for feeding Swans and Ducks!

Think feeding bread is good for Swans and Ducks? Think again! It's a 'web' of lies...

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Nyjer Seed

Also known as Niger, Nyger or Thistle Seed, Nyjer is very popular with a selection of wild birds.

Native to Ethiopia, Nyjer Seeds are black, small, oil-rich seeds from the Ramtil Plant. They are also closely related to sunflower seeds and are essential for a healthy well balanced diet for a variety of wild birds such as Gold Finches, Siskin and Redpoll, all which love them meaning you are likely to attract these species to your garden. As Niger Seed is very fine, you should use a Niger Seed Feeder and seed trays to reduce waste.