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The Best Food for Blackbirds: A Quick Guide

Blackbirds are one of the most commonly seen wild bird species in the UK and providing them with the right food could encourage them to nest in your garden. If you are hoping for blackbird residents in your garden there are a few things to consider.

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Structural Integrity: Birds Proven to Choose Best Building Materials

A recent study has helped to prove that birds choose the most efficient materials for building their nests.

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Straight Grains

A selection of our finest bird seed ,some of which are harvested by ourselves here at Brinvale Farm, in the Vale of Belvoir.

Ideal for creating your own wild bird mixes or for straight feeding to your garden birds. Various pack sizes are available but buying our bird seed in bulk will offer the best value for money. Remember, we offer free delivery on all orders weighing over 10KG Don't forget to check out our blog for lots of useful hints and tips!