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How do birds keep warm in Winter?

There are many great things about the winter; frosty mornings, Christmas and of course, cosying up by the fire on cold winter evenings.

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Winter Wildlife Watch: What happens to the seaside through Winter!

As an island, the UK is extremely lucky in the fact that the seaside and the stunning British coastline is never too far away.

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All Mixes

Specially formulated here at Brinvale farm, our range of bird seed mixes have been uniquely developed to ensure they are suitable and loved by a whole range of birds. Many of our bird seed mixes are designed for the general use of all garden birds meaning you can provide something for everything with very little effort and we also offer mixes that have been developed with a specific variety or species in mind too. From fledglings, softbill, sparrow, finches or robins we have the exact feed you need.

All of our bird seed mixes are made from the highest quality, freshest and tastiest produce and the vast majority are wheat free. Instead of wheat, fillers and other alternate substitutes, all our mixes contain ingredients that are high in protein, energy, nutrients, oils and fibres. The seeds in our bird seed mixes have been cleaned to ensure they are dust free and many have been grown right here on the farm or sourced locally. This standard of quality ensures our bird seed mixes are packed with goodness and are a huge benefit a birdÕs health, welfare and condition. While keeping the welfare of birds in mind when developing our mixes, we also kept the convenience of customer in mind which is why all of our bird seed mixes are easy to use, come in a range of sizes and why we also offer bird seed mixes that are no grow. This means you can keep lawns and garden neat and tidy while still enjoying feeding the birds.

Whatever you desire and whatever you feed, we have you are sure to find exactly you need. Browse our great selection below.