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Big Garden Bird Watch 2018

It’s the big garden bird watch this weekend (27th – 29th Jan 2018). This event which for the last few years has helped improve some species of birds populations rise and recorded what birds we find over here in the UK. We all know that feeding the birds year round helps but what else can?

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'Gone With The Wind' (Tips & Tricks for Bird Feeding in Extreme Winds!)

Sometimes its more than your hair that gets messy in the wind! In adverse weather conditions bird seed can get blown about and feeders get knocked off their perches. We thought it might be a good idea to list some useful tips and tricks that we have found helpful in getting one over the terrible weather we can get here in the UK!

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Dried mealworms are an essential source of protein and fat for chicks in the breeding season, it is especially important to provide them if there has been a lack of rain. A favourite bird food for many including softbills like robins. Dried mealworms are a much needed protein boost. They are easy to store and can be added to your bird seed mixes, fed from the ground or a a bird table. Soaking dried mealworms in water can add much needed moisture for wild birds.