Meet Alan the Hedgehog!

Hello everyone, I’m Alan the Hedgehog!


I’m a happy go lucky little chap, but I’m here to tell you about some of the challenges we face, and particularly the scrapes my friends and I get into because of you humans are your modern ways of life. Us hedgehogs are in serious decline, and we need your help to try and address this slide. Please read on and see how you can be more aware, and do your bit to help us hogs!!

Thanks a bunch, Alan X X X


No Fun in the Sun!!

These last few weeks of weather have been like the British summers of old – long, warm, dry sunny days. Brilliant for playing out, paddling pools, tanning, BBQs etc! But these dry days also mean less water!

Natural ponds shrink to muddy pools, streams become trickles, or worse still, they maybe even dry up completely! Whilst you humans may not notice, as your taps continue to provide you with nice cool(ish) wet, lovely water, spare a thought for us wild ones who used to drink from the ponds and streams that have disappeared!

These long dry days seem to be going on forever, with no rain to replenish any of our favourite watering holes. This means we need to venture away from our usual territories to look for life’s blood. Doing this means we might find ourselves in places that we don’t normally go to, such as more urban areas, putting us at greater peril from you humans and your cars, pets etc.

Please keep your eyes peeled for us – I’ve seen too many friends hurt or even killed when we’re trying to find somewhere to get a little bit of food or a much-needed drink.

If we are around your place, cars and pets may not actually be the biggest perils, particularly not in this weather! In such desperate times us hogs will see your ponds, full of lovely wet water – so irresistible, particularly when we’re soooo thirsty!! If I can just get my lips to it…… SPLASH!! We fall in!

Although us hogs can swim, often your ponds don’t have any way we can scramble out, and we can’t swim forever ☹. If you can ensure you build us an easy way out, that would be amazing! It means we can get a drink we so desperately need, but won’t end up drowning if we accidentally fall in.

If you don’t have a pond, please spare a thought for us anyway and leave a saucer of water out so we can have a lifesaving slurp as we pass by in our perilous hunt in the bid to survive this extremely dry weather.




So please:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for us in places you may not normally see us
  • Ensure that if you have a pond, if we fall in we can get out
  • Leave us a saucer of water out
  • And a snack if you get the chance!


By doing these you could just save a little prickly life!!

Thanks in advance for your assistance, you really are a hog hero!!

Warm (not quite as warm as this weather though!!!) Regards,



Read More about Alan and his adventures over here on his very own website!

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