Nest Box Tips!

Which Nest Box Should I pick?


The simple answer to this is question is by answering another question first! Which birds would I like to have in my garden! If you are a fan of birds such as robins or wrens we would recommend whats called an open fronted nest box. This have an opening large enough for robins and wrens to fit into to bring nesting materials and food for their fledglings inside. A good place to start would be the open fronted woodstone nest box, which you can see here.

If you would prefer smaller birds such as blue tits or house sparrows then you will need a smaller entry hole on your nest box. Either a 32mm or a 28mm hole would be for the best! You can browse our selection of nest boxes here.



 Find the right nest box for you!

Tips for a successful nesting:


Where you place your nest box can have a huge effect on how likely you are to get wild birds to your box. Have a look at the guide below:

Other factors that can help are to provide nesting materials for the birds. They will use these to make the nest box better insulated and more comfortable. Think of it a bit like being wrapped up in a duvet for us! 

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