Product of the Week - BeeBombs


Beebombs have made it to our product of the week.


Beebombs are a great way to create a bright colourful place for your wildlife to visit in your garden. With thousands of seeds from 18 different native wildflower species to Britain, these clay balls can turn any space into a sanctuary for insects. 


The seedballs are handmade from local clay and sifted compost in Dorset. Beebombs are designed to increase the bee and butterfly population and bring back any lost habitats.

Due to wildflowers being so hardy, they are slow growers. They need lots of water, time and sun once they have been scattered in the ground. Some flowers will show in the first year, but most wont come out until the second year. 97% of natural butterfly and bee habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2. 





Beebombs just need to be scattered onto cleared ground to create a wildflower meadow that will help the return of the bees and butterflies. 1 pack of bee bombs provides coverage for around 21sq ft (2m sq) of land. 

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