Product of the Week

Product of the Week


Brinvale Peanut Butter Mealworm Flavour 


Our new Brinvale Peanut Butter has made it to product of the week this week! 

It is proving to be a very popular product! Cheaper in price, lovely soft suet and a recycable jar, there is no wonder why our customers love it! 

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and energy that is essential to your wild garden birds. Ingredients such as peanuts, which give the birds the energy they need are high in oils, and with the mealworms being are a great source of protein, this peanut butter is a great food all round. 

Unlike most jars, our 350g jars are made from recycable plastic which is great for the environment and they are not at risk of smashing during transit either! 

They can come individually or in a box of 6

Get yours today! 

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