Tree Nation

Here at Brinvale we do as much as we can to help the environment. Thats why we are now part of a programme called Tree Nation. The project we are supporting at the minute is Community Tree Planting which is based in the UK. 


Working across the UK this projet will increase tree over, absorb carbon from the atmosphere and provide vital habitat for wildlife. All the trees that are available for us to plant are fast growing, nutritional for the animals and also large majestic trees.


At just 13% the UK has one of the lowest tree cover rates in Europe. So far since we recently joined the programme, a total of 31 trees have been planted. 23 in Madagascar, 5 in Tanzania and 3 in Nepal. At the moment we are focusing on increasing the UK tree cover for our wildlife before then venturing back out into the rest of Europe. 






Using native tree species this project will increase tree cover, rekindle community interactions and boost local diversity. Using a wide range for each project, this means there will be a large supply of flowers and fruit which is essential for the local wildlife to feed from. Trees are so important to the environment and for our widllife. The trees offer protection for wildlife, offer a home for them to and also obviously give off more oxygen into the atmosphere. 




Find out more here ---> Tree Nation - Brinvale  and follow our progress here ---> The Forest of Brinvale Bird Foods

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