What Is The Best Seed Feeder?

What Is The Best Seed Feeder?


We get asked this question alot here at Brinvale and we know that this can be a minefield! Plastic? Metal? 2 port? 4 port? 6port? Caged? Green? Yellow?

We would always suggest a metal feeder over plastic. Why? Metal feeders are alot more durable when it comes to the unpredictable British weather. They are also alot more durable than plastic against squirrels. Their sharp teeth can chew through plastic in a matter of days, where as the metal, they cannot. Squirrels will always try anything they can to get their paws on seeds - Sunflower Hearts being a favourite! 




2, 4 or 6 Port?

The amount of birds you have or are wanting to attract would determine the amount of ports you may need. If you are starting out bird feeding then starting with a 2 or 4 port may be beneficial to see how many birds you get coming to your garden. If you have large amounts of birds then a 6 port or even more would suit as more birds are able to eat from the feeder. Another benefit from a larger feeder is that you dont have to refill them as often as you would the 2 or 4 port feeders.


Got Pests Eating From Your Feeder?

Squirrels, rats and the larger heavier birds are not always welcome on some feeders. To help deter these pests Squirrel Buster feeders and caged feeders are always a go to choice.




Caged Feeders

Caged feeders are a great way to help deter animals such as squirrels, starlings, pigeons or any large bird. These cages are designed to not allow access to the feeder ports and allow the smaller birds to eat in peace. Some juvenile squirrels may be able to squeeze their slim bodies through, although they may get stuck when trying to come out. Some caged feeders have plastic ports, but here at Brinvale we have got a fantastic all-in-one metal caged seed feeder. This Adventurer Caged Seed Feeder has the metal cage along with metal ports, base and lid! 




Squirrel Busters

Squirrel Busters are the new innotive feeder! If any substantial weight is put onto the feeder, the outside part of the these feeders will close down infront of the feeding ports and will not allow access to the food. The squirrels will soon get bored and move onto the next easy accessible feeder.



What Colour Is Best?

Feeders come in a variety of colours including dark green, light green, yellow, aqua, titanium amd bronze. If you are new to feeding the birds we would recommend a feeder that is green in colour. As silly as it may sound, it has been known that birds feel more comfortable going straight to feeders that are green in colour, whereas feeders that are aqua for example, take the birds a little longer to get accustomed to. If you put their regular food in a new feeder it will encourage the birds to go to this feeder. Another way to encourage birds to new feeders is to keep the old feeders out so that it gives the birds the confidence around the new feeder. 




Niger feeders are more commonly yellow than any other colour as this is known as the colour which will attract Goldfinches to the niger seed. Green niger feeders are also available if you prefer the more subtle colour.


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