What is the Best Suet For Birds?

Best Suet For Birds?

Good Question! Suet has become increasingly popular over recent years and is one of the best sources of energy for wild birds, suet is an extremely important food source in the colder winter months. The most important thing is to purchase the best Quality Suet you can afford, quality over quantity is much more important, bird food products have become readily available in numerous outlets, with discount stores “jumping on the band wagon” so to speak, unfortunately they are not specialists and are happy to sell poor quality imported products rather than be concerned about the welfare of Wild Birds. Wild birds generally need to eat their body weight in food daily to create enough energy to survive the cold winter weather, they expend their energy foraging so providing good quality suet for them is essential.  Suet is an excellent all year round food, loved by all garden birds and is very beneficial to fledglings.

Fat Balls

Fat balls are essentially a mixture of fat and bird seed that has been shaped into a ball. They are a great source of energy and are reasonably priced, however beware there are some very poor quality fat balls available on the market and it is a known fact that they are stuffed with poor quality ingredients and very little fat, some being so hard that only larger birds are able to peck at them. Do avoid purchasing netted fat balls, these post a huge risk to wild birds due to their feet becoming tangled in the netting, whilst these are not now so readily available there are still some Wild Bird Suppliers prepared to sell them.  The net itself could also become a choking hazard to other garden wildlife as there is a greater likelihood of them being stolen by bigger birds and squirrels as they are easier to hold onto and much more accessible to steal when not in a fat ball holder. If you are looking for a good quality traditional fat ball then try our Farmyard Fat Balls, made here in the UK on a small family run farm, they are packed with good quality ingredients and will ensure your birds receive all the necessary nutrients.

Brinvale Suet Fat Balls - ClassicSuet Balls

Suet Balls are quite different to Fat Balls and Garden Birds absolutely adore them, they come in a few varieties* such as – Deluxe Suet Balls which have no seeds at all added, perfect if you are looking to avoid seed growth beneath your feeding area, Classic Suet Balls have the added ingredients of insects and seeds, and Sunflower Heart Suet Balls have the added ingredient of Sunflower Hearts, all these are extremely popular with Garden Birds are of extremely high quality and will ensure your Garden Birds will receive the required source of energy required to deal with adverse weather conditions and the demands of raising a healthy brood.  A fat/suet ball feeder will be required to offer these and there are caged ones available too to ensure large birds such has rooks are unable to devour them before small wild birds get a look in

What is the difference between Suet Balls & Fat Balls?

The two products are quite different, a fat ball is melted fat packed with different seeds and moulded into a ball, suet balls are a completely different texture, they consist of suet and peanut flour, some with added ingredients such as insects and seed and sunflower hearts, the texture is much softer and easier for Wild Birds to eat. Suet Balls have become much more favoured than Fat Balls by most Garden Birds

Brinvale Mixed Suet PelletsSuet Pellets

Suet pellets are small pellets of suet that can be fed from a bird table, suet pellet feeder, directly on the ground or using a ground bird feeding tray. They are extremely popular with Wild Birds as they are small enough to grab and go, definitely a fast food source, available in a variety of flavours they are a great way to offer suet to your birds, here at Brinvale we have developed some Wild Bird Mixes with Suet Pellets added such as our Nice n Clean Suet Pellet Plus and our No Grow High Energy Mix so you can purchase one product and be confident your birds are receiving a balanced nutritional diet.



Suet Coconuts

Whole Suet Coconuts and Suet Coconut halves are a good way to offer suet from a natural feeder. The shell acts as a holder with the suet inside accessible from one side only. This makes the coconut halves much more suitable for smaller birds that are capable of clinging to small surfaces. The coconut shell is a natural product and the hanger is made from natural fibre string, meaning it is all biodegradable, no bird feeder required therefore an easy and clean way to offer suet to Wild Birds

Suet To Go Mixed Suet BlocksSuet Feasts

Suet Feasts are simply a square block of suet for offering to Wild Birds, this is quite an economical way to offer a good source of essential high energy fats to your Garden Birds, they come in a variety of flavours with added ingredients such as Fruit, Insects and Mealworms to add an extra tasty treat to the suet, whilst Suet Feasts can be offered simply by placing them on a table or ground tray, these are better offered using a Suet Block/Feast Feeder specially designed for offering these treats.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter for Wild Birds has become increasingly popular, available in a variety of flavours and is a luxury product, extremely high in energy due to the content of peanut flour, this is packed into a jar which simply slots into a Peanut Butter Feeder, specially designed for offering this nutritious food.

New Easy Peasy Hanging Suet Cake

These new hanging suet cakes from Jacobi Jayne are 330g of lovely jubbly goodness, available in Happy Go Nutty, More the Berrier and Lovely Buggly they are sure to be a winner with your Garden Birds,  simply pull from the recyclable paper carton and hang in your garden, what’s not to love about these new suet treats.


*Please note that due to restrictions in production, we currently only have the Classic Suet Balls available


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