What Makes Brinvale So Personal?

What Makes Brinvale so Personal?


Here at Brinvale, we farm, manufacture, package and sell some of the highest quality bird food you can purchase online. We offer mixes with everything you need, to give your birds the best diet and nutrition they need! And with everything mixed here on the farm, you cant get any closer to home if you tried!



Since Brinvale started in 2004 by Andy and Hilary Wiles and their son Richard who runs the farm, the company has expanded rapdily. As we are a family ran affair, we want to give our customers a personal touch when they join us on getting Britain feeding wild birds! With every new customer we have, you will receive a welcome pack! This pack includes a leaflet about Brinvale, what we do and how we became what we are now. This pack also includes a little personal touch of a tea bag so that you can look out and watch your garden birds come feast on our food, just like we do here! 




We trial and test all of our products here on the farm so that we can get an idea of what works well and what doesnt. All of this is to ensure we can do our best to get in all the correct nutrition, keeping the wild birds happy and healthy! We cannot cater for every single bird up and down the UK but we certainly do try! What works for some birds in the UK, doesn't always work for the same birds elsewhere in the country! Bird feeding is all about patience! It can take the birds a while to get used to a new food or feeder, so let them gain their confidence when you put out new seed.



The ingredients for some of our mixes are grown and harvested here by us here on our land. What we do not or cannot grow here, we source as locally as possible to ensure you are still getting the best quality seed in our mixes for your little feathered friends. Richard is out every day making sure that everything is growing as it should be, to ensure that our seed grows to perfection. This will then enable the birds to be happy and healthy and keep them coming back to your garden for more! 




Due to the demand from all our customers, we are making mixes every single day, so you can be sure that your seed is fresh and ready to go when it arrives with you the very next day! When our mixes are made, we always keep in mind the best diet for the birds i.e nutrition for the beaks and skin, oils for their feathers and all round health of these wild garden birds that we love to watch and feed so much. Any ingredients that we either grow and/or get in from a local source gets inspected to make sure it is 10/10 produce. It is then cleaned within an inch of its life, and then checked over a few more times after that to ensure the food we put into our mixes is 100% up to scratch beore it goes through the blending process. If we can improve the diet of the birds in any way we can, we do so using the years of knowledge of our team to give the birds the best food possible! It is then passed onto the packging team, to be bagged up using our recycable bags, and then sent on to our customers! All of our mixes are unique to us as they are all made here on Brinvale farm! 

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