Why Feed Suet?

Why Feed Suet?

During the colder months, birds rely on their energy levels to help them get out and about. The cold wintery months can be difficult for the birds, with natural foods such as insects and berries not being easily accessible, which is where YOU come in!

Suet provides the birds with the crucial source of energy that is so important in the colder months and during the breeding season. With this and the fact that suet is a good source of protein and nutrients, there’s no wonder our suet products fly off the shelves!


What Forms of Suet Is There?

Suet comes in all sorts of different forms. These include:

  • Suet Pellets
  • Suet Balls
  • Suet Blocks / Cakes / Coconuts
  • Peanut Butter



Suet Pellets

Suet pellets are formed into the pellets shape to make them easy for the birds to get access to and to easily pick up and take back to their nest. These pellets come in a variety of flavours – insect, berry, mealworm and apple!

Pellets can be fed from a feeding tray, a specific suet pellet feeder, a peanut feeder and we have also found that the Big Easy feeder works well here on the farm when feeding pellets from them. Suet pellets area great easy way of feeding the birds whilst offering all the nutrients, protein and energy that they require.




Suet Balls

Similar to the pellets in regard to what they offer with protein and nutrient levels, suet balls are another easy feeding product. These can be fed again on a feeder tray or in a fat ball feeder. Fat ball feeders tend to be either in a ring or in an oblong shape. Having them in these makes is easy for the birds to cling onto the feeder and peck away at the suet balls. The high percentage of suet and insect protein, along with the added seeds makes a meal that all sorts of birds can enjoy.


Suet Logs

Suet logs are a popular suet feeding product. Put these in a suet log and your ready to go! Filled with all the same ingredients and nutrients as the suet balls and pellets, they are great to hang on your feeding station and can attract a variety of different birds! We have noticed that the Blue Tits favour these the most.

 Suet Blocks / Cakes / Coconuts

The blocks and cakes provide the birds with the same protein as above, the blocks come in a square shape, whilst the ‘cakes’ come in an upright ‘cake’ style shape. The blocks can be found in berry, insect or mealworm flavourings and they are easy to feed from a suet block holder and another favourite with the birds. The cakes can also be easily hung up and gives the birds easy access to perch on the cake itself and eat from. The cakes also can be found in a variety of flavours – nutty, buggy and original. These can hang from a feeding station or even a tree branch.





Peanut Butter

Peanut butter feeding has become popular over the last few years. Peanut butter must be fed from a specialised peanut butter feeder which can either hang from your feeding station or a feeder can be attached to the wall, and the jar will sit inside this feeder. Most jars are made from glass, but our own Brinvale Peanut Butter For Birds is made from 100% recyclable plastic jar making is environmentally friendly! Peanut butter offers the birds all the protein and nutrients they need and with the added insects, it adds that extra bit of flavour. You should never give the birds peanut butter that is made for human consumption as this is full of salt which is bad for the birds!



Feeding suet has never been easier and with the large range we have to offer, you know you are onto a winner!

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