All Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Our range of Natural Dog Treats and Chews includes products from Bones to Ears. Sourced from reputable suppliers within the meat industry to ensure only the finest products are available to satisfy Man's Best Friend.

We all know how much our beloved dogs love and (usually) deserve a treat, and you can never go wrong with natural dog treats. So whether you are looking for a small reward or a more filling treat, you will find just what you're looking for here.

100% Natural - All of our dog treats treats at Brinvale are 100% natural. No added colour, flavours or preservatives. 

Here at brinvale we have been providing wildlife and animal feed for 2 decades and always trial and test everything before they hit our shelves - we really are a name you can trust.

A Note To Remember - Please use this product as a treat and always provide fresh drinking water

of 9 products
Brinvale Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

from £3.90
Brinvale Ham Bones

Ham Bones

from £4.90
Brinvale Beef Tripe

Beef Tripe

from £4.50
Brinvale Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

from £3.50
Brinvale Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears

from £7.90
Brinvale Pig Ear Cuts

Pig Ear Cuts

from £11.90

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