Aalborg Cedar Peanut Feeder
CJ Wildlife Aalborg Cedar Peanut Feeder

Aalborg Cedar Peanut Feeder

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About This Feeder

This is a stunning peanut feeder, hand crafted with a gorgeous dark wooden roof to give it that edge in your garden!

The wooden roof slides straight off for a quick and easy refilling system, making it hassel free and saving time. 

Due to the strong durable wire mesh on the feeder and the metal tray on the bottom, making it an easy flowing system, this feeder can also be used as a suet pellet feeder as well as the peanut feeder it was designed for.

This feeder also has a strong durable wire hanger, mmaking it secure when hanging from a feeding station or tree branch. 



(H) 36cm x (W) 12cm

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