Aruba Nest Box 28mm
CJ Wildlife Aruba Nest Box 28mm
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Aruba Nest Box 28mm

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This attractive nest box has a 28mm hole for smaller birds like tree sparrows to set up camp in. Its natural wood finish and stylish roof make it an attractive option for your garden.

Traditionally birds seek out gaps in trees, buildings and whatever they can find to build their nests in. However, due to deforestation an ever increasing proportion of wildlife is struggling to find a home. This is one of the reasons why nest boxes have become so popular around the country to help house wildlife of all kinds as well as birds. 

The makers of the Aruba nest box have utilised the best quality materials in the construction of this box. The wood used has been sourced from well managed forests (eco friendly) and has been treated so that it will last longer in our cold wet climate! It is also very easy to clean/observe as there is a front panel which opens to allow you access. 



The Dimensions:

19.5 x 16 x 30 cm

The entry hole is 28mm for this nest box.


What birds could nest in this box?

  • Coal Tits
  • Blue Tits
  • Tree Sparrows


Tips for siting and cleaning a nest box:

  • Site your aruba nest box 2m from the ground, ideally in a quiet spot in your garden.
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking the entrance to the bird box hole.
  • Ideally place your nest box somewhere between the north and the east to avoid prevailing winds and strong sunlight.
  • If the nest box is sited in Autumn there is much stronger chance it will be used for hibernation.
  • Clean your nest box at the end of breeding season (October) using hot water and a brush with strong bristles!
  • It is important not to check the nest box during the breeding season as this could disturb the birds inside!
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