Bird Door Stop
Brinvale Bird Door Stop

Bird Door Stop

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This fabric animal door stop is the only item you will need to support doors however you desire, within your home.   Made from soft materials, this fabric animal door stop is compact and attractive making it a decorative feature without clutter, yet includes a substantial sturdy weight so is strong, fully functional and highly diverse.

The tweed and leather look material of this fabric door stop makes for a natural look and means that this door stop will complement a whole range of home interior designs. It is also easy to wipe, keep clean and maintain, making it long lasting and great value.

Designed as a Robin, this animal door stop is the ideal addition for bird lovers and is perfect for injecting some colour and life into the home, especially during the drab winter months. 

Dimensions: 10"(26cm) x 5.5" (14cm) x 7.8" (20cm) 

Product Code: LH240