Brecon Open Fronted Nest Box
CJ Wildlife Brecon Open Fronted Nest Box
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Brecon Open Fronted Nest Box

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This nest box is a favourite with many species of birds ranging from robins, wens, blackbirds and song thrushes! The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure this bird box not only looks great but that it also is environmentally friendly. The wood has been treated so that it will last longer, through wind and rain. Whilst also having been sourced from well managed forrests so as not to disrupt any wildlife or the eco system around us. 

Although birds generally breed from February to August if you get your nest box sited earlier you are more likely to have a successful nesting spot! If you are interested in reading more tips about siting your nest box click here to do so.

Due to the open fronted nature of this nest box it is easy to clean. All you have to do is clean it with hot water and a cloth after the breeding season (October).



This open fronted nest box is:

Favourite nesting spot for birds as varied as:

  • robins
  • blackbirds
  • wrens
  • spotted flycatchers
  • song thrushes


Made from eco friendly materials

Is easy to clean

Great Price at £14.95