Brinvale Peanut Butter
Brinvale Brinvale Peanut Butter
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Brinvale Peanut Butter

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Introducing Our Brand New - Peanut Butter For Birds Mealworm Flavour

Our Peanut Butter for birds is a great source of essential protein and energy for your wild birds. Peanuts themselves are a great food source packed full of ingredients needed to keep birds strong and healthy, and mealworms are a much loved treat by a wide range of birds, so why not blend them together to create a soft meal thats easily accessible in your garden.

Our 350g plastic jars are not at risk of smashing like tradition glass jars and the best part is they are also recyclable!

Please remember - You should not feed peanut butter intended for human consumption as this contains high levels of salt (sometimes 100 times more) which is bad for birds. Stick to peanut butter intended for birds such as this one.


How to feed this peanut butter

These peanut butter for bird jars are only compatible with The Deluxe Feeder, The Dublin Feeder, and The Triple Feeder. Please note these jars are not compatible with the smaller Essential Flutter Butter Feeder or the Waterford Feeder.

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