Deep Dish Wraparound
Jacobi Jayne Deep Dish Wraparound
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Deep Dish Wraparound

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The deep dish wraparound is a great way to add an extra feeding option in your garden. It attaches to any 1" pole (like the universal pole) with no screws needed. The dish is versatile as you can feed seed, suet, mealworms or fruit from it whilst attracting an array of different birds from thrushes to finches and robins to blackbirds. 

The dish is made from a tough polycarbonate material which is raised on the sides to the perfect height for perching birds to come and feed. Drainage holes are situated around the sides also to help keep the food as dry as possible during rain fall. The dish also easily lifts out for cleaning or refilling. Simply twist to unlock and then lif the dish out of the wraparound.


Deep Dish:

Washable polycarbone (not recommended for dishwasher)



Coated Steel