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14’’ (36cm) x 12’’ (30cm) x 12’’ (30cm) 



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Why Is It Popular?

Why Is It Popular?

Part of our squirrel resistant range, the Fat ball and Suet Feeder guardian is a great choice for any regular bird feeder. It is specifically tailored for fat balls and suet feeding and it is compatible with a large variety of fat balls as well as suet cakes.  

It is made of strong powder-coated metal and has a robust lid, base and cage.  Refilling is easy as the base can be removed by a simple unclip mechanism. Like the others in the range, this squirrel proof fat ball feeder can be dismantled without difficulty by a simple rotating lever, which means that cleaning and care of the feeder is easy.

Easy To Refill And Use

Easy To Refill And Use

It has a sturdy and long metal handle, meaning it can be hung in a range of places and the feeder can be used freestanding as well.  Its main purpose is to allow birds to feed safely away from squirrels* as well as to protect against jackdaws and magpies also. This means that this feeder will make your birds feel more at ease and could therefore increase the range and amount of bird visitors to your garden.

*Please note that we can only guarantee to deter and prevent against adult squirrels and larger birds such as (pigeons and rooks). However, on occasions, smaller juvenile squirrels may still be able to get through and access the feeder.

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