Garden Favourite Wild Bird Multi Pack
Brinvale Garden Favourite Wild Bird Multi Pack

Garden Favourite Wild Bird Multi Pack

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The sunflower hearts will attract a numerous amount of wild birds into your garden and any that aren't particularly enticed by them are more than likely to be interested in the supreme wild bird mix. Add the energy boost of our aflatoxin tested peanuts and all of your garden birds should be happy.

Sunflower hearts can be fed from seed feeders or as table/ground feed, supreme wild bird mix is best fed from a feeder and peanuts can be fed from either a peanut feeder or off a bird table.

Buying these bags of bird food in this multi-pack instead of purchasing them separately will make you a saving of more than £5.00
1 x 13kg Brinvale Sunflower Hearts
1 x 13kg Brinvale Supreme Wild Bird Mix
1 x 2.5kg Brinvale Peanuts