Garden Pole
Jacobi Jayne Garden Pole

Garden Pole

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This sturdy garden pole offers plenty of options for siting bird feeders where they will be most appreciated by your visiting garden birds. It is 1.7m in height and has a spike on the bottom to enable you to place in your lawn or flowerbed as you wish. The polycarbonate adaptor on the top of the feeder allows you to easily place a bird feeder upon it. It is also easy to lift off to refill or clean feeders making this product incredibly user friendly.

You can add an extension pole to increase the height, hooks to hang more feeders or even attach trays to hold more seed or to fill with water and act as a bird bath or drinker. 

  • 1.7m in height
  • spike drives into lawn or flowerbed
  • includes adaptor for easy attaching of bird feeder