Hang Right Feeder Suspender
Jacobi Jayne Hang Right Feeder Suspender

Hang Right Feeder Suspender

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Hang your feeder anywhere with the new Hang Right suspension hooks. These inventive items are made from a strong stainless steel and copper cable coated wire that supports even the heaviest of feeders. This gives you extra length and support and also allows you to hang your feed in a variety of places that you perhaps couldn’t have done before.

The wire is coated so that it should not cause any damage to trees or branches and will be easy to handle and install.  It works by simply looping the cable around the branch and threading the free end through the eye. Then attach your feeder to the strong, sturdy hook that is provided in the set.]

Available in 8” and 12”  

Product codes:-     Hang Right 12" - HR-1

                              Hang Right 18" - HR-2




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