Hedgehog Feeding Bowl
Fallen Fruits Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

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This attractive bowl is specially designed for feeding hedgehogs in the garden, made from ceramic, painted in a rustic green,  embossed with a hedgehog design around the edges and boxed, it would therefore make an unusual gift for hedgehog enthusiasts.   It also has a drainage hole to ensure the food does not become waterlogged during wet weather.  It is designed with sloping sides to ensure the bowl does not tip over during feeding.  Hedgehogs are a great asset in the garden as they eat plant pests such as snails and slugs. Their numbers have been in serious decline over recent years so if you are lucky enough to have a hedgehog visiting your garden you would be doing them a great favour by putting out some food.


Overall  dimensions

External  12cm x 12cm

Internal dimensions 9cm x 9cm

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