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Insect Suet Blocks

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Suet is one of the best feeds to provide for your wild birds. It is excellently nutritious and full of goodness meaning that it is vital all throughout the year. It is particularly important through the winter months and should always be provided. This is because it is high in protein, energy and calories, which are essential for maintaining a bird’s health, wellbeing and condition during the colder months. What is so important about bird suet is that because it is so high in calories and goodness, it offers a quick burst of energy and that essential support for birds without them having to exert themselves too much.

Bird Suet is a mixture of suet and a seed so not only does it provide goodness, it is rich and tasty also. 

A suet block is a great option when it comes to feeding suet as it is easy for birds to access as well as easy to feed. This grade of suet holds it's shape and doesn't melt in warm conditions, it can be placed on a table or hung using a specialised suet block feeder.

All of the bird suet that we provide at Brinvale is of the best quality, has a high percentage of suet and contains no fillers or artificial ingredients. This means that it has a very high nutritional value and is also soft, easy to eat and therefore enjoyable and tasty for birds.  This particular suet block is insect flavoured for that added boost. 

High Quality Suet Block with no filler or artifical fillers ingredients

Berry and Insect flavours to be full of goodness and flavour

Holds shape and does not melt during warm conditions