London Caged Suet Block Feeder
CJ Wildlife London Caged Suet Block Feeder

London Caged Suet Block Feeder

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In preparation for the new season ahead, you may want to revamp your feeding area with some new feeders.  Considering winter is a time when birds require as much energy as possible, the London Caged Suet Block Feeder is a great choice. It is designed to accommodate an entire suet block so it will allow you to supply plenty of nutritious food for birds that will be protected from squirrels and larger birds from devouring the suet.

This stylish Caged Suet Block feeder fits a whole fat square, protecting the contents will result in refilling less frequently in the chilly weather and more time enjoying the birds.  If like many others you have Starlings devouring all your suet before the smaller birds get a look in, this bird feeder will be an ideal sanctuary for them whilst the Starlings are emptying your regular suet block feeder.   When it does come to refill, this is quick and easy as the lid unclips with a simple clasp. The cage is made from strong powder-coated metal so it is durable and hardwearing and is sure to withstand the perils of the winter weather. This squirrel proof suet block feeder is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and hang and can be done so from its strong curved metal handle.  

The shape of the cage gives it an attractive look, whilst also ensuring there are no hard to reach places, making cleaning effortless.

Dimensions: 12’’ (30cm) x 9’’ (23cm) x 9’’ (23cm)

Product code 351050119