Monolith Fat Ball Feeder
Supa Monolith Fat Ball Feeder

Monolith Fat Ball Feeder

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About This Feeder

Spend less time replenishing your fat balls and more time enjoying your garden birds with the Monolith Fat ball feeder. It is a convenient, versatile and practical feeder which holds up to 7 deluxe suet balls.

The strong metal frame and hanger have been treated with a weather resistant coating, which helps to prevent rust and ensures they will have a longer life. The flip top lid makes this feeder easy to fill and it features an overhanging lip, which helps to protect the suet balls from rain.

Due to its lightweight design, this feeder is easy to lift, even when it’s filled to the brim. The Monolith feeder has an overall length of 36cm which allows more birds to use the feeder at once, giving you the opportunity to take pleasure in the lives of your birds.


14’’ (36cm) x 3’’(7.5cm) x 3’’ (7.5cm)


7 Suet Fat Balls



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