Nesting Material for Nest Boxes
CJ Wildlife Nesting Material for Nest Boxes

Nesting Material for Nest Boxes

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Help garden birds during their nesting period with this excellent organic nesting material. 

Warm and fluffy, this 50g packet is suitable for nest boxes of all kinds. Not only does providing nesting material help encourage wild birds to settle in your nest boxes but it helps keep the boxes insulated, resulting in an improved success rate throughout the breeding season.

It is recommended that you add the nesting material to a feeder and to let the birds grab it to place in the nest box for themselves. However, can add it yourself if you prefer.

The nesting material can be used for birds of all shapes and sizes and has even been known to be used as hedgehog house bedding. 

This Nesting material for Birds is 100% organic.


Buy one packet of the nesting material for £1.75 or 3 packets for £4.95!

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