Niger Seed Feeder with Tray
Supa Niger Seed Feeder with Tray
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Niger Seed Feeder with Tray

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About This Feeder
This niger (nyjer) seed feeder with tray has four plastic perches which offer a safe and comfortable spot for wild birds when feeding niger seed, the shape of the perches allow birds to sit on them in several ways, this allows them to be more aware of any potential predators with ease. Niger seeds are tiny black seeds that attract Goldfinches and Siskins, these seed feeders are specially designed with small ports especially for filling with tiny niger seed. These niger feeders also come complete with a tray to reduce spillage.   
The tray and feeder can be taken apart with ease and the perches can be removed for easy cleaning.

4 port: 20cm high
6 port:30cm high

Number of Ports:

4 or 6



Product Code:

4 port: 780T
6 port: 789T

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