Oakwell Nest Box
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Oakwell Nest Box

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The Oakwell wild bird nest box is made in the UK and hand-crafted from responsibly managed wood.  It features a genuine slate roof which is attractive and watertight which should ensure that it lasts for years.

The roof can be unscrewed and removed easily for cleaning purposes.

Approximate size: 14cm wide, 13cm deep, 24cm high (to roof apex)

Consider carefully where to position your nest box; it should ideally be sheltered from prevailing winds and rain on a south facing wall, fence or tree and not in direct sunlight. Fix your box at least 1.5 metres above the ground.

Fledglings are extremely vulnerable to predators when they first leave the nest; it is unlikely that they will all survive. However, some ground cover will help and your garden is likely to be a safer option than the open countryside.  Wild birds lay lots of eggs to compensate for the low chance of survival that their fledglings face; you may not be able to save them all but rest assured that every effort you make is a great help to your wild birds.

Oakwell Nest Box 28mm Entrance Product Code NR020

Oakwell Nest Box 50mm Entrance Product Code NR022

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