Open Fronted Woodstone Nest Box
CJ Wildlife Open Fronted Woodstone Nest Box

Open Fronted Woodstone Nest Box

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This open fronted woodstone nest box is fantastic quality. Natural looking and durable it is the ultimate nest box for birds such as robins and wrens. 

The nest box has been made in woodcrete which is a blended material made from wood and concrete. It gives the nest box a great natural look but has all the strong properties of concrete meaning this will last a lifetime (something guaranteed by the manufacter)! Not only is the benefit there for you with this nest box but it is also better for the birds than the traditional wooden ones. Due to the sturdy frame the nest box has a better insulation and therefore means that the inside temperature does not fluctuate. Which in turn is vital for incubation and brood survival.

As this nest box is open fronted it means that birds as large as robins, wrens and even pied wagtails can roost in it. 

The woodstone nest box comes with:

Lifetime Guarantee

Open fronted entrance

Easy to Clean

Safest environment for nesting birds