Pyramid Fat Ball Feeder
CJ Wildlife Pyramid Fat Ball Feeder

Pyramid Fat Ball Feeder

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About This Feeder

The Pyramid Fat Ball feeder is the perfect size for any bird watcher. With it being 23cm high and 18cm wide on the base, this feeder holds approx. 10 suet fat balls depending on their size. It is made from durable metal, made to withstand the upredictable British weather.

As only the lower part of the feeder is accessible to the birds, this means the top half will stay dry if bad weather occurs. It also means that as this feeder holds 10, there is less time spent refilling the feeder and more time enjoying watching the birds. 

To fill this feeder simply unscrew the top pin and lift the top part off. Then place the suet balls through the circle placing them inside the feeder. This feeder can be hung from a feeding station, tree branch or tree hooks. 



(H) 23cm 

(D) 18cm

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