Robin Nest Box
Brinvale Robin Nest Box

Robin Nest Box

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This UK hand-crafted robin nest box is constructed from responsibly managed timber and carries the FSC logo.

It is solid and sturdy in a traditional design with a smaller opening than most other open-fronted nest boxes making the nest less vulnerable to predators.

Providing a nest box will bring much enjoyment watching wild birds in your garden and most of all help them to thrive.

This nest box may also be used as a roosting site during cold weather.

Approximate size: 12cm wide, 12.5cm deep, 23cm high (to roof apex)

If possible locate your nest box out of full sunlight so that the box does not become too hot, try to avoid having the front of the box facing prevailing wind and rain, and ensure that it is at least 1.5 metres high. If you have more than one nest box do not place them too close together unless you would like to attract birds that nest in colonies.

Fledglings are very vulnerable when they leave the nest; predators are often waiting to snatch them to feed their own young.

Your garden is a better bet than the open countryside though, and by putting up a nest box you are giving the birds in your garden a better chance of survival.

Siting your nest box near to some shrubbery should offer ample cover to any fledglings that leave the box. 

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