Singapore Peanut Feeder
CJ Wildlife Singapore Peanut Feeder

Singapore Peanut Feeder

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About This Feeder

This peanut feeder is not only aimed at not allowing in squirrels*, but also other garden pests. The Singapore feeder would make a great addition to any garden. It is small, stylish, and lightweight but is made of strong powder-coated metal so it is built for all weathers.

The outer cage has well-spaced gaps ideal for small birds to enter and exit with ease. These carefully positioned gaps have the added benefit that there are no hard to reach places, helping to ensure the feeder stays clean and hygienic.  

This feeder has a lid that can be screwed off and on to allow for easy refilling of your peanuts.


13’’ (33cm) x 7.5’’ (19cm) 



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*Please note that we can only guarantee to deter and prevent against adult squirrels and larger birds such as (pigeons and rooks). However, on occasions, smaller juvenile squirrels may still be able to get through and access the feeder.

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