Squirrel Proof Feeder Cage
Gardman Squirrel Proof Feeder Cage
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Squirrel Proof Feeder Cage

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Protect your bird feed from squirrels and other pests with this squirrel proof feeder cage. The idea of this device is that it encases your bird feeder and allows birds to get in and feed naturally, while keeping squirrels and other larger birds out. 

This versatile feeder cage can be used for various wild bird feeders, protecting your feeder from squirrels is easier than ever as this particular cage has been updated from its predessessor. It now features a unique top which is in the shape of a cross to allows your feeder to fit snuggly, without it moving swinging or sturing in the cage. 

The cage itself is made from a strong metal coated, anti rust material and features easy to use clasps for access. This means that it can be opened and filled with ease and then fastened up securely.  There is a central hole in the base which allows you to bolt it to feeders with the required thread hole in the base for added security from strong winds.  This squirrel proof feeder cage will protect your bird feeder providing it does not exceed 13.5" in height excluding the handle as the handle slots through the top of the cage allowing you to use it to hang your feeder.

Dimensions: Height 14" (35cm) 

Product code A04328