Suet Block Bird Feeder
Kingfisher Suet Block Bird Feeder

Suet Block Bird Feeder

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Entice a wide range of beautiful wild birds to your garden by offering Suet Bird Food using this Premium Suet Block Bird Feeder, made from high quality stainless steel this Suet Block Feeder is sure to last, it features an easy to open domed lid which ensures easy filling and helps to shield the contents from the rain, suitable for all varieties of Suet Blocks, Suet Squares and Suet Feasts which will attract variety of birds to your garden. The built in solid handle allows this Suet Block Bird Feeder to easily be hung on a branch or feeding station.

  • Strong and durable polished steel
  • Domed solid lid helps keep suet bird food dry
  • Built in solid handle for easy siting
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Size of this Suet Block Bird Feeder excluding lid and handle -  13cm x 13cm x 4.5cm