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About This Feeder

This Suet Pellet Feeder is perfect for feeding all types of suet pellets, dried mealworms and seeds to Wild Birds.  The unique silo style design allows for feed to flow to the tray at the bottom without obstruction, ensuring a continual supply of feed. Made from strong metal, powder coated in an attractive green with a metal flip down perch and easy fill flip up lid, it, the feeder has a flat back so it is perfect for fastening to a fence or wall close to a window allowing for a close up view of the birds feeding, it can be positioned on a wall out of prevailing weather preventing the food from becoming damp, it is therefore perfect for small outdoor spaces too!  This suet pellet feeder also has a metal handle for hanging should you wish to do so and the Perspex front easily slides out for a thorough cleaning.


25cm x 16cm 8cm 


approx. 450g Suet pellets



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