The Complete Winter Feeding Pack
 The Complete Winter Feeding Pack
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The Complete Winter Feeding Pack

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The Complete Winter Feeding Pack is all you need to keep your Garden Birds happy and healthy this Winter.  

Consisting of the finest, most nutritious feeds which are all high in energy and goodness, this essential pack is exactly what you need and is a great start this winter.

Our best selling, All Seasons is a hugely popular mix that contains seeds, peanut grains and other fine ingredients that appeal to a wide variety of birds. Each and every seed mix from Brinvale is made up of the finest quality, dust or debris free blends. This particular mix is Wheat Free and contains a high ratio of sunflower seeds and black sunflowers, making it full of energy and a top quality composition.  

Our Deluxe Suet Balls are the absolute best suet products that you can get on the market. They are pure suet with absolutely NO chalk or filler ingredients, making them soft, appealing and nutritious for birds.  The high quality of this suet also means it is clean and easy to handle, just what you need for those cold winter mornings.

To complete this top quality and amazing value pack are 2 handy feeders. A Plastic Seed feeder for your straight and mixes and a metal fat ball feeder for your suet balls. These quality durable feeders are included FREE with this bundle! 

Contains: 13KG All Seasons, 10 Deluxe Suet Balls, 1 Plastic Seed Feeder, 1 Metal Fat Ball Feeder. 

PLUS + 2.5KG Sunflower Hearts for only £5.50! Our Premium Sunflower Hearts are the best quality on the market, they are fresh with no dust as they are uniquely triple cleaned. They are also high in energy, protein and essential oils.