Triple Flip Top Feeder
Brinvale Triple Flip Top Feeder

Triple Flip Top Feeder

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A combination of a peanut feeder, seed feeder and fat ball feeder, this Triple Flip Top Feeder allows you to provide three types of food to your wild birds in a small area.

Ideal for use in small gardens, this feeder can be sited anywhere that there is a single hanging hook available. All three parts of this feeder can be attached and removed via an easy to use click-lock system. To remove a section from this feeder, simply squeeze on the green buttons at the base of the section, at which point it will remove easily. All sections of this feeder simply click in to place when lined up with the rest of the feeder correctly.

The peanut feeder and seed feeder are made with hard-wearing plastic ports and fixtures, and the fat ball feeder is made from a strong powder-coated metal.

This feeder holds up to 185g of seed mix, 240g of peanuts and 3 fat balls.

Height: 40cm (16”)

Product code A01233