Woodpecker Nest Box
CJ Wildlife Woodpecker Nest Box
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Woodpecker Nest Box

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This is the perfect nest box to bring woodpeckers to your garden, or to house the ones you already have! Designed to allow the woodpecker to create its own entry hole.

Woodpeckers have been known to create larger holes in bird boxes designed for other birds. This specialist Woodpecker nest box removes the risk of that happening by offering them the chance to do it for their own home! A fine layer of soil or peat at the bottom of the nest box is likely to help entice the woodpecker to roost in your nesting spot.

You can read our guide here on how best to erect your bird box.

This nest box has been made with pine and 100% of the wood has been sourced from well managed forests ensuring it is the best quality but also eco friendly. 

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