Woodstone Nest Bird Box 32mm
CJ Wildlife Woodstone Nest Bird Box 32mm
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Woodstone Nest Bird Box 32mm

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Woodstone Nest Bird Boxes provide a safe and secure place for birds to shelter and nest.  With a lifetime guarantee, it will be long-lasting and a sound investment.   These bird boxes are made from a unique material that combines concrete and wood fibres which helps to stabilise the internal temperature of the nest box, reducing the risk of overheating and the death of chicks. 

The solid construction will also protect the fledglings from attacks by predators such as cats, squirrels and woodpeckers.  This particular Woodstone Nest Bird Box is a forest green colour with a grey front.  It has two metal pins which simply twist to allow the whole front to be removed for through cleaning.  It also comes complete with mounting fixtures.  

The 32mm entrance hole is suitable for a variety of garden birds, including sparrows and great tits.  If possible, mount your bird box out of the direct midday sun, facing away from the prevailing winds and rain.  Click on our link for more information on siting your nest box. http://www.brinvale.com/Blog/Post/164-nest-box-guides.htm


Product code 905980119

Lifetime Guarantee

32mm Entrance Hole

Easy to Clean

Safest environment for nesting birds


12” (31cm) x 8” (19cm) x 8” (19cm)

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