Woodstone Nest Box 28mm
CJ Wildlife Woodstone Nest Box 28mm

Woodstone Nest Box 28mm

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This Woodstone Nest Bird Box has a 28mm entrance hole. A suitable nest box for birds such as coal tits, blue tits & tree sparrows. 

The woodstone range of nest boxes are expertly made using a man made substance named woodcrete! This is a blend of wood and concrete which helps the box to look natural but to contain the properties of concrete. This means that the nest box looks great but will last the test of time. In fact the manufacturers are so sure of this that the entire range comes with a lifetime guarantee! 

Woodstone is a breathable material which means that this nest box has no issues with condensation building up inside the nest box. Whilst still performing the key duties a nest box should in providing a safe space from the rain, winds and any predators for the birds. It is looking quite likely that using this nest box birds will be able to start nesting earlier which in turn would make more young fledgling successful. 

The woodstone material is also a huge benefit compared to more traditional wooden nest boxes as it offers greater insulation. This means that the temperature directly inside the nest box is much more stable than in other boxes. Meaning that the daily fluctuation of the weather is no longer an issue for any nesting or roosting birds.

We also stock the same nest box with a 32mm hole, this larger whole would allow slightly larger birds to nest such as great tits, house sparrows and nuthatchs.

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The woodstone nest box comes with:

Lifetime Guarantee

28mm Entrance Hole

Easy to Clean

Safest environment for nesting birds


12” (31cm) x 8” (19cm) x 8” (19cm)