One of the most familiar garden bird visitors in Britain, Blackbirds shouldn't be too hard to identify, they are one of the earliest risers being the first to sing their beautiful melody at dawn.

Adult males are black with bright yellow-orange beaks and a ring of the same colour around their eyes. These colourful features are only on show in the blackbird's breeding season though and tend to look much duller for the rest of the year.

The female Blackbird is brown in colour and often has a pale patch on its throat, juvenile Blackbirds are also brown albeit in a warmer tone and with spotted plumage.

Feeding Habits

The Blackbird is a softbill; this means that it does not have a beak capable of cracking seeds with hard husks open. Because of this the blackbird is much more interested in eating different kinds of fruit, softer seeds, grains, worms and other insects.  Below are the foods suitable for feeding to Blackbirds