Mistle Thrush


The Mistle Thrush is an early breeder amongst wild birds and can be very possessive over certain sources of food including fruit bearing trees. Because of the mistle thrush's large size (being bigger than a blackbird) it tends to have a relatively easy time monopolising its chosen sources of food.

It isn't only the mistle thrush's size that makes it stand out and easy to identify; it has a very pale undercarriage that is almost white and covered in flecks of dark brown. It also has white under-wings that separate it from other thrushes and white tips to several of its tail feathers. The back and head of the mistle thrush are a dark brown with pale grey overtones; its face appears mainly white and is mottled with the same brown as its undercarriage. 

These birds can be found far and wide except from the highest uplands and some Scottish Isles. They can be found in woodlands, grasslands, heatherlands and also in towns and gardens. 

Feeding Habits

Because of the monopolising of natural food sources the mistle thrush will not necessarily benefit much from food being left out in the garden. However if there is a shortage of food in the colder months they are most likely to become reliant upon the provision of dried fruit or live foods such as mealworms.

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