15 June 2017

Quacking ideas for feeding Swans and Ducks!

Think feeding bread is good for Swans and Ducks? Think again! It's a 'webb' of lies...

As summer begins to bloom, you may find yourself out and about a lot more, enjoying the beautiful countryside and natural surroundings. There is so much to see and do, whether it is walks through forest and woodlands, visits to sights of natural beauty, taking in places of historical interest or simply enjoying the better weather in your Local Park or garden. What is so great about nature at this time of year is the variety.  Many of us are lucky enough to spot all kinds of sightings and species that are less common through the winter and what a delight they are.  As such a delight that brings us so much pleasure, it is only fitting to be responsible and careful towards wildlife in return.  When enjoying nature this summer it is important not to jeopardise its balance or wellbeing.  This may sound obvious, but in actual fact it is fairly easy for human activity to disrupt wildlife and disturb their natural environment.

One of the biggest examples of this is humans feeding wildlife on feed that they should not consume. This is namely feeding, Swans, Ducks and other Wildfowl on bread, cereal, crackers and other savoury feed that is not only ‘not ideal’ but can also be extremely harmful. While these are common, popular and well known feeds and although wildfowl do enjoy them experts warn against them as they are high in carbohydrates, sugars and salts. Such feeds can lead to serious health issues including becoming overweight, malnourished and lacking essential vitamins.   This is because not only do these carbohydrate based feeds offer very little nutrients that benefit wildfowl’s health, people also often overfeed wildfowl. Aside from impacting their health, overfeeding corrupts the water and can begin to pollute it, making it very dangerous for all water life.  

What is especially important is that aquatic based birds eat the right kind of foods through the spring and summer, when most people are feeding them harmful food. This is because wildfowl, like all birds have chicks to care for and these young birds need the right kind of nutrients so that they can grow into healthy, nourished, strong birds. So, ideally they need to avoid bread and other foods that can be damaging and detrimental to their health, but sadly many people continue to feed such foods.

Although this is the case, it does not necessarily mean that you have to stop feeding Swans and Ducks and other Wildfowl. This is because, like all animals there are certain foods that are designed for them which suit them much better. For instance, corn, grapes, oats, wheat, lettuce, vegetable trimmings and peas are all much more suitable.  

There are also specialised foods on that market tailored for uniquely for Wildfowl. These feeds can be purchased from animal food suppliers and are often in the form of small nuggets that float on the surface of the water. These floating Swan and Duck Food nuggets allow Swans and Ducks to feed naturally and have the added benefit that they help more birds get a share.

Being specifically designed for Wildfowl, these feeds are packed full of nutrients that these birds need. Our Swan and Duck Food for example is a great choice as it includes Soya Oil, Fish Meal, Soya and Maize which makes for a superior product packed with protein, fibre, fat and essential oils.  Aside from being a nutritious feed, this product is also easy to feed, simply scatter a handful onto water and wait. You will find that the nuggets float which allow the Wildfowl plenty of time to feed and time to attract more. Gradually some may start to sink but Swans and Ducks naturally search for food under the surface of the water as well, meaning the feed will all get eaten and none will go to waste.

Follow the link to the video where you can see various Wildfowl feeding on our Swan and Duck Food on the pond here at Brinvale Farm. As you can see, the pellets float and also disperse evenly, giving all the birds a chance to feed. This allows them to all enjoy the tasty food!

Like all Wildlife, Swans and Ducks needs support especially at this time of year with their young to care for. So, if you like to get out around nature and have ever considered feeding Swans and Ducks, perhaps now is the time to start. Especially now the better weather is arriving and especially because right now we have a promotion on our best selling Swan and Duck Food, meaning right now you can save up to 20% OFF all pack sizes. 


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