19 December 2017

Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden Birds Safe This Winter

1.       Keep Your Bird Feeders Clean:

This might sound obvious but more and more illnesses are spreading around birds across the UK, which can devastate entire flocks during the winter months. Bird feeders and bird baths if not cleaned can harbour mould and bacteria that can spread disease.  We have recently started to stock a great bird seed feeder  which has an easy to clean mechanism that slides the bottom out to clean, a bit like a cafetiere! So remember, it’s best to clean your feeder before every fill.


2.       Take steps to prevent window collisions:

A real danger to wild birds is by injuring themselves flying into glass, especially when fleeing predators. Specially designed window clings (stickers) can stop birds from doing this. They attach to windows cleanly without the use of adhesive; this avoids marks being left behind when removing them.


3.       Reposition Bird Feeders

If you have big birds prowling your garden its best to protect the little ones by moving your feeder so it’s nearby plants which act as an escape tactic for the little ones! The other thing you can do is help recreate the bird’s natural habitat by building a brush pile nearby.

 Image result for brush pile for birds

Brush piles add habitation spots for all sorts of amazing wildlife.


4.       Keep the cats away:

A childhood watching Tom & Jerry, as well as Sylvester and Tweety Pie, taught us that these two animals don’t have the most amicable relationship! Make sure to keep feeders high if you have a cat or live in a neighbourhood with a high cat population! Also you can always use caged feeders or squirrel proof ones; if it will block a squirrel it will block a cat!

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