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5 Reasons to Feed Wild Birds through the summer.

Many people have been led to believe that feeding wild birds in the summer makes them lazy and stops them from looking for food. This simply is not true and to demystify this myth we have provided 5 reasons for feeding wild birds in the summer months.

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Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital: A Woodpecker with a Headache

One of the last birds that you would expect to suffer from a bang on the head and one of the newest patients at the wildlife hospital is a rather dazed woodpecker.

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Sunflower Seeds

An excellent source of energy for all wild birds, our wild bird sunflower seeds are a favourite and are very affordable, providing great value for money all year round. We have Sunflower Hearts, black Sunflowers seeds, and striped Sunflower seeds for wild birds to choose from.

Sunflower Hearts: The most popular Wild Bird Food, all birds enjoy sunflower hearts. High in energy and low in waste our sunflower hearts already have the husks removed, can be used to create your own mixes, can be fed all year round and suitable for table, ground feeding and feeders.